What’s Holding Georgia Back From Cannabis Legalization?

In a recent poll commisioned by 11Alive and Survey USA, 1787 registered voters were asked, “Should the use of marijuana for recreational use by adults in Georgia remain against the law?”

The results were an even split. 45% agreed it should remain against the law, while 45% said that it should be made legal. There was also 10% that admited they were not sure.

Does Georgia face an uphil struggle for the legalization of cannabis?

One thing that Georgia does have that is different from the states that have already legalized marijuana is it’s lack of a citizen initiative system. Georgia has also recently passed a law stating that cannabis oil is legal for some medical conditions, which may have just closed the door for any medical marijuana reforms.

As the debate heats up, and reaches more states, we will have to see how Georgia decides to play this one out.

Florida Cannabis Act – RegulateFlorida.com

The campaign is hotting back up for the legalization of cannabis in the state of florida.

Fronted by Michael Minardi, a West Palm Beach attorney, who successfully defended a client by stating that medical necessity was behind the users motivation, is trying to make the tide turn on the unsuccessful ballot of 2014.

The new acto proposes the lagalization of marijuanan for anyone over 21 to purchase it, and posses up to an ounce, with a licese to grow 6 plants in their own home.

683,149 verified voter signatures are required for the prop[osed amendment to be placed on the 2016 ballet.

Go to RegulateFlorida.com now, to signup. As their slogan says, Together we can.